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Before 1895 there were church registers only in Hungary. Needless to say, researchers have to contact them.
An inventory of the Hungarian Reformated churches in northeastern Croatia (Drávaszög) after the war between Croatia and Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. Due to war activities, amongst other moveable properties, many a church registers were destroyed, too. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 10/05/2001 ]
Hidak és örökkévaló emlékek
This article, written in Hungarian, provides an answer to the question: Why is family history so important for the members of the LDS (Mormons). [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 11/04/2001 ]
A Székesfehérvári Egyházmegye cím- és névtára
The directory of the Székesfehérvár Roman Catholic Diocese with data from October 2000. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 06/02/2001 ]
Magyarországi Unitárius Egyház
Website of the Unitarian Church in Hungary. [Language: Hungarian, English ] [Added: 22/12/2000 ]
Introductions of the Reformed, Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic churches in Kárpátalja (Transcarpathia, the Ukraine) [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 19/12/2000 ]
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Alba Iulia, Romania
This archidiocese of once Gyulafehérvár (now Alba Iulia) covers Roman Catholic churchers in whole Romania. One can find information on other Catholic rites: Greek Catholic and Armenian Catholic, too, on this website. [Language: English ] [Added: 04/12/2000 ]
Magyar zsidó honlap
The website of the Association of Jewish Communities in Hungary (MAZSIHISZ) [Language: Hungarian, English ] [Added: 14/06/2000 ]
Web site of the Hungarian Catholic Church
Most of the people in today's Hungary are devoted to this church. The website gives information on dioceses, and there are also parish listings for some of the dioceses. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary
Detailed overview of the church, with addresses of parishes. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Magyarországi Református Egyház
Website of the Reformed Church of Hungary [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: before July 1999 ]