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Archival sources in Hungary are written in different languages: Latin, German, Hungarian. According, dictionaries can become handy. The web offers a few of them. Should you happen not to succeed with some expressions, you could visit URLs below. I myself do minor translation jobs for free, and accept appointments to larger ones.

Old German jobs
A good collection of jobs in German and translated into English. [Language: German, English ] [Added: 24/10/2001 ]
A free translation service with volunteers to translate text in some 50 languages. [Language: English, French ] [Added: 24/04/2001 ]
Research guidance : Hungarian word list
A short introduction to the Hungarian language, then a good wordlist for the English-speaking reader researching Hungarian genealogy are provided in this downloadable and printable document. The document is in Adobe's Acrobat .pdf format. Content is compiled by LDS folks. [Language: English ] [Added: 06/11/2000 ]
Hungarian language lessons : puzzles, quizzes, sound files
Daily email for learners of the Hungarian language by Lilla Hudoba [Language: English ] [Added: 13/03/2000 ]
English conversions of various foreign names
This document has plenty of given names in their English, Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak versions. [Language: English ] [Added: 20/07/1999 ]
Church record translations
Great page. It has church record translations (English, Hungarian, Latin, Slovak) and also lists with translation of words found in church registers. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Hungarian given names = Magyar utónevek
Using a couple of sources, George Topolcsanyi compiled translations of Hungarian given names. Hungarian names, their Hungarian nicknames, English, Latin and German forms are included. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Felix G. Game, specialist in Austro-Hungarian genealogy
Mr. Game is a professional genealogist, and is a native speaker of German and Hungarian. He can help with professional translations. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Hungarian genealogy word list
Mrs. Weightman's collection of Hungarian words found while reading old documents. She provides the English translation of the words. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Eastern Slovakia Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn genealogical research, Slovinky, Slovakia
This page aims at being a starting point for those originating from this village. Besides providing information on the village's history and families, the page features English translations of many a Hungarian and Latin words relating to genealogy. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
English-Hungarian Dictionary
It is also a Hungarian-English one. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Sample letter to archives
This is letter is to be written to archives in Hungary. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Sample letter to the church
This letter is to be written to the Roman Catholic Church. To send it to parishes of reformed churches, change "Tisztelt Plébános Úr!" to "Tisztelt Lelkész úr!" in the addressing line. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]