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Should your research get stuck or should you not want to take time to do the research yourself, professionals can be hired to do the task you commission them. I myself do research, still, for your convenience, I have collected all other researchers that have internet access and I am aware of. I can not take any responsibility on them. They are listed here merely for your convenience.
Családfakutatás honlap
Mária Darányi-Knipl from Pécs, Hungary offers various services for Hungarian genealogy research projects. Her specialty is Danubeswabian ancestry research. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 05/07/2002 ]
Serbia Today : Focalpoint for genealogy in Serbia and Montenegro
Owner of the site offers professional research in Serbia and Montenegro. [Language: English ] [Added: 06/06/2002 ]
Egzisztencia iroda
This bureau accepts genealogy research assignments. They are based in Budapest, Hungary. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 24/05/2002 ]
Garaboncziás honlap : Családfa kutatás
According to their page, this association accepts genealogy research assignments for a fee. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 24/05/2002 ]
Slovak genealogy assistance
Stefan Conka of Kassa/Kosice, Slovakia offers a wide range of genealogical services. [Language: English ] [Added: 28/01/2002 ]
Michael Sura
Mr. Michael Sura from Kassa/Kosice, Slovakia offers professional genealogy research, photography and video. He has done research in the archives and institutions in Eastern-Slovakia. [Language: English ] [Added: 22/01/2002 ]
Mr. Robert Frenak of Eperjes/Presov, Slovakia offers his professional genealogy research services. His specialty is research in Eastern-Slovakia. [Language: English, Slovak ] [Added: 22/01/2002 ]
Hungarian village photography
This gentleman offers digital photography services for Hungarian settlements. [Language: English ] [Added: 24/10/2001 ]
Researcher accepts assignments. [Language: Hungarian, English ] [Added: 20/10/2001 ]
Sluzby = Services
List of professionals doing research in the countries of former Austria-Hungary, compiled by the Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society. [Language: Slovak, English ] [Added: 25/07/2001 ]
Alex Dunai
Mr. Alex Dunai of Lviv in the Ukraine can provide professional services: genealogical research in Ukrainian archives, visiting places of interest, taking photos and videos, interviewing people, interpreting, guiding, driving. He can communicate in English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian. [Language: English ] [Added: 18/06/2001 ]
Gángó Security
Mr. Károly Gángó from Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary is a private detective. According to his pages, he can take assignments to find missing persons. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 10/05/2001 ]
Finder private investigative portal
This company from Karcag, Hungary can help in finding missing persons in Hungary. [Language: English, Hungarian ] [Added: 10/05/2001 ]
Within the spectrum of its services, Sigma, Inc. (Budapest, Hungary) offers family history research and help in inheritance cases. [Language: Hungarian, English ] [Added: 08/05/2001 ]
HGS: Professional genealogist in Hungary
According to this page, Beverly Lewis can help with professional genealogy research in Hungary. [Language: English ] [Added: 24/04/2001 ]
Családfa kutatás
Mr. Péter Bárdossy (Hungary) can provide family history research services. His specialty is noble families. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 07/03/2001 ]
List of researchers performing genealogy research at territory of former Austria-Hungary
Genealogist Dr. Péter Nagy's compiled list of professional researchers in the region. [Language: English ] [Added: 16/02/2001 ]
Tibor Hidas
Mr. Tibor Hidas of Budapest, Hungary offers searches of lost persons and families in Hungary, as one facet of his private detective services. [Language: English, Hungarian ] [Added: 15/02/2001 ]
Croatian Roots
Croatian Roots, based in New York, N.Y. and in Zagreb, Croatia can help interested people with genealogy inquiries pertaining to Croatia. [Language: English ] [Added: 12/01/2001 ]
Web archive of Hungarian genealogy
Budapest, Hungary based Tamás Vásony is available for professional genealogy research. [Language: English, Hungarian ] [Added: 30/11/2000 ]
These two young men from Budapest, Hungary can undertake genealogical and historical research in Hungary [Language: English, Hungarian ] [Added: 29/11/2000 ]
Institute for Historical Family Research
Felix Gundacker (Vienna, Austria) offers ancestry research in the lands of former Austria-Hungary. He is also a publisher of a number of books of genealogy interest. [Language: English, German ] [Added: 29/11/2000 ]
László Rudolf
An email link to Mr. László Rudolf, living in Bátaszék, Hungary. He can help interested people to find out more about their Hungarian ancestry. [Language: Hungarian, English ] [Added: 20/09/2000 ]
Családfa kutatás Erdélyben és Magyarországon
This young man can undertake genealogy research in Romania. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 29/08/2000 ]
Bethlen Uti Temetkezesi Iroda
Besides their funeral and cemetery services this firm also offers family history research. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 15/06/2000 ]
CentroConsult : Research in Slovakia and former Austria-Hungary
Genealogy expert Peter Nagy's website. Using his language skills Peter Nagy can take research assignments in Slovakia, in in the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. [Language: English ] [Added: 24/05/2000 ]
GenealogyRO Group
Professional research services in Romania. [Language: English, German ] [Added: 24/05/2000 ]
Document Searches in the Washington, D.C. Area and Annapolis, MD.
Service by Ralph Komives, based in Bowie, MD. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Ilona Sardi Jewish Museum (specializing in Jewish heritage)
Page is not dedicated to Ms. Sardi only, but you can find her address listed. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Családfakutatás // Julius-Zsáner Bt.
Family history consulting based in Pécs, researching all over Hungary. [Language: Hungarian, German ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Family Tree Genealogical and Probate Research Bureau
Central Europes' largest genealogy research enterprise, based in Hungary. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
FEEFHS Database of professional genealogists specializing in Central / East European Genealogy
A good collection of professionals [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Felix G. Game, specialist in Austro-Hungarian genealogy
Specialist in Hungarian and Austrian genealogy, with translation services also. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
HungaroGens genealogy Hungary
Professional genealogy research service run by Dr. Harmath of Budapest, Hungary [Language: English, Hungarian, German ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Gordon Hillman
Gordon Hillman, according to his information page, has 35 years of experience in genealogical research. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Sherrill Stern Laszlo
Specialist in Austria/Hungary, Jewish records [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]