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Pre-1918 Hungary was much larger than it is today, its territory incorporated:
  • the whole of today's Slovakia,
  • the western part of today's Romania (Transylvania in Latin, Erdély in Hungarian, Siebenbürgen in German, Ardeal in Romanian), and also some of its southwestern part, named Bánát. (The name Bánát is German, however, it is the most accepted name for this region. The old Hungarian name for it is Bánság.),
  • the northern part of today's Yugoslavia. It is now a federal state of the Yugoslavian republic with the name Vojvodina. Its Hungarian equivalent is Vajdaság. Parts of the Bánát belong to Yugoslavia, too,
  • Croatia was a country that belonged to Austria-Hungary,
  • northeastern part of Slovenia (parts of the old Hungarian counties Vas and Zala),
  • the federal state Burgenland of Austria.
To see these places and pre-1918 Hungary on maps, please visit my link page for maps.
To learn about Hungary's history please visit my link page about Hungary's history. The stormy history in the Carpathian Basin made Austria-Hungary a multi-ethnic empire. This is true for Hungary itself, too. The Turkish occupation in the 16-17th centuries reduced the ratio of Hungarians to 50% in Hungary. New settlement on the devastated territories began in the 18th century. Germans, who where already present from the middle ages in the southern part of Transylvania, northern part of Hungary (Szepes county) and in the towns, started to settle down in central and southern parts of Hungary (Bácska, Bánát). Slovakians started to move into the valleys, plains of northern Hungary. The same happened with Romanians in Transylvania.
Orosz Ernõ: Heves és a volt Külsõ-Szolnok egyesült vármegyék nemes családjai
Web version of the book about the noble families in Heves and Szolnok Counties, originally published in 1906. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 06/06/2002 ]
Serbia Today : Focalpoint for genealogy in Serbia and Montenegro
Genealogy site for people doing research in Serbia. [Language: English ] [Added: 06/06/2002 ]
RootsWeb message boards : Zakarpatska
You can communicate on this board if your research takes you to Zakarpatska (Transcarpathia, Kárpátalja). [Language: English ] [Added: 24/05/2002 ]
Csitár története / József Zólyomi
HTML version of the local history book about Csitár, a village in Hungary's Nógrád County. One of the chapters of the book is dedicated to the histories of families in this settlement. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 22/02/2002 ]
Families from Burgenland
Information, genealogy data about families who emigrated from Burgenland to the US. [Language: English ] [Added: 26/10/2001 ]
Alex Leeb's Banat home page
All kinds of good information, including his trip report about the Banat region of old Hungary, once with many ethnic German residents. [Language: English ] [Added: 24/10/2001 ]
A rather comprehensive site about Danubeswabians, ethnic Germans living in Hungary. Articles available cover genealogy research, as well. [Language: German, Hungarian ] [Added: 15/02/2001 ]
A bátaszéki német egyesületek története = Deutsche Vereine in Bátaszék/ Tarjányi Pálné
This is a study about the associations and clubs of the ethnic German people in Bátaszék, Hungary. [Language: Hungarian, German ] [Added: 09/02/2001 ]
A német telepesek bevándorlása Bátaszékre / Mayer Antal
The web version of the book about the ethnic German settlers (Danubeswabians) in Bátaszék, Hungary. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 09/02/2001 ]
Címeres emlékek
This page have information about the noble families playing part in the history of Egyházkarcsa (now Kracany in Slovakia), together with their crests. [Language: Hungarian, Slovak ] [Added: 09/02/2001 ]
Acta : Évkönyvek
These are fulltexts of the yearbooks of Szekler museums in Transylvania, Romania. One can find quite a few studies pertaining to genealogy in them: memoirs, local histories, cemeteries etc. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 02/02/2001 ]
Hungarian minorities in the Carpathian Basin / by Karoly Kocsis and Eszter Kocsis-Hodosi
A whole book with several chapters on the ethnic Hungarian population beyond modern Hungary's borders [Language: English ] [Added: 19/12/2000 ]
Történelmi áttekintés
A lengthy (close to 200 kb) treatment of the history of Kárpátalja (Transcarpathia, the Ukraine). Most of the paragraphs are dedicated to the 20th century history of the region. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 19/12/2000 ]
Ismertetõ a kárpátaljai magyarságról
This article covers the ethnic Hungarian population of Kárpátalja (Transcarpathia, the Ukraine) with information on its history, distribution and statistical figures. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 19/12/2000 ]
Ethnic geography of the Hungarian minorities in the Carpathian Basin / by Károly Kocsis and Eszter Kocsis-Hodosi
A comprehensive study on ethnic Hungarians living beyond modern Hungary's borders. [Language: English ] [Added: 04/12/2000 ]
Kõhegyi Mihály : Névjegyzék : Összeírása a Bács-Bodrog megyebeli bajai választókerület választóinak, az Izraelita Kongresszusi képviselõk választása tekintetében
Elector list for the first Jewish Congress in Hungary from Baja, Hungary in 1868. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 29/11/2000 ]
Kistarcsai családok története
A one page overview of the histories of families in Kistarcsa, Hungary. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 29/11/2000 ]
Slovenská genealogicko-heraldická spolosnost pri Matici slovenskej = Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society at the Matica slovenská
Website of the society, with plenty of information about research opportunities of Slovakia-related material. [Language: Slovak, English ] [Added: 05/10/2000 ]
Elõszó : [Emlékhelyek Veszprém megyében]
These pages describe inscriptions, memorials in Veszprém County. Memorials of WW1, WW2, the Holocaust etc. are included. Besides descriptions, all the names on the memorials are also transcribed. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 24/05/2000 ]
Gyõr Jewish website
Website publishing and gathering all kinds of information about the history and persons of the Jewish community in Gyõr [Language: English ] [Added: 24/05/2000 ]
Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok vármegye multja és jelene
Online edition of a book from the 1930s. Besides the general description of the county and its history, a chapter is dedicated to noble families of the area. Also, a personal directory can be found at the end of the publication, with one paragraph about every person. [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 01/03/2000 ]
The Carpatho-Rusyn knowledge base
Kind of comprehensive site on the Sub-Carpathian region of the Ukraine. This was part of Austria-Hungary until 1920. Content concentrates on the Rusyns. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn genealogy research
Lots of information on Eastern Slovakia. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
H-SIG home page
JewishGen is an organization where people with interest of Jewish family history worldwide meet each other. There is a special interest group for Hungary (H-SIG) with a home page now. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Carpatho-Rusyn genealogy web site home page
One of the persons involved in the above Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn site, started his new, separate one. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Siebenbürgen historical and genealogical research page
As the name Siebenbürgen suggests, these pages are mainly for those interested in the "Saxon" genealogy of Transylvania (Erdély, Ardeal) [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Burgenland Bunch Homepage
A homepage for the researchers in Austria's federal state Burgenland, once western part of Hungary. Besides the German and Croatian speaking people here, there are Hungarians in this region, too. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
The Carpathian connection
A growing site about the Rusyns. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
German genealogy: Danube-Swabians / Donauschwaben
Ethnic Germans in old Hungary, the so-called Donauschwaben are introduced here. There are pages for the areas where they settled down. Comprehensive information on their origin, history and culture. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]