Radix links: Genealogical societies

Those closely connected to Hungarian genealogy are listed here.
Hrastovac and Schwäbische Türkei research group
A group of researchers with interest in settlers of this place, located in Croatia. Most settlers came from South-Transdanubia, and were ethnic Germans. [Language: English ] [Added: 26/02/2002 ]
Donauschwaben of Trenton
This is the club of Danube Swabians in Trenton, New Jersey. [Language: English ] [Added: 12/02/2002 ]
Arbeitskreis ungarndeutscher Familienforscher (AKuFF)
Based in Hungarym this association strives at promoting genealogy research of Danube Swabians living in Hungary. [Language: German, Hungarian, English ] [Added: 26/10/2001 ]
Magyar szervezetek a világban
A directory of Hungarian associations, worldwide [Language: Hungarian ] [Added: 13/03/2000 ]
Hungarian Genealogy Society of Greater Cleveland
An impressive website for the society. [Language: English ] [Added: 25/08/1999 ]
Hungarian-American Friendship Society - HAFS -
An other listing of HAFS. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Hungarian/American Friendship Society (HAFS)
An established one with its own newsletter. Based in Sacramento, California. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
East European Genealogical Society
Its primary interest is Galicia, but Hungarian research is also welcome here. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Federation of East European Family History Societies
An umbrella organization for the societies. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
Zichydorf Village Association (ZVA) : A Banat (German) Online Village Association
People with roots in and doing research into this Banat village have their own association. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]
German genealogy: AKdFF
The Arbeitskreis donauschwäbischer Familienforscher e. V. is an association concentrating on family history research of the Danube Swabians, i.e. ethnic Germans in south-east Hungary. [Language: English ] [Added: before July 1999 ]