Hungarian history

The knowledge about the history of a region researched by a family historian is essential. Keeping in mind this fact here I have compiled links pointing to full texts of Hungarian history. Writings about local histories are not the targets, instead, texts of general interest are listed.

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Hungary : A short history / by C. A. Macartney
This is the full-text of the one volume history by Macartney, originally published by Edinburgh University Press in 1962
Hungary : A brief history / by István Lázár
Yet an other one-volumed history, still, this one is written by a Hungarian. The original printed version has been translated into many languages, and they have been published by the Hungarian publishing house Corvina.
A short history of Austria-Hungary / by Wickham Steed, Walter Alison Phillips and David Hannay
This is an entry from the 11th edition of Encylopaedia Britannica (1913). As its title suggests, the topic is not reduced to Hungary, i.e. the article treats history of Austria, Hungary and even Poland.
The tragic fate of Hungary : A country carved-up alive at Trianon / by Yves de Daruvar
The question of Trianon is unquestionably one of the most central points in the history of 20th century Hungary. For Hungarians the peace treaty of Trianon means the end of the centuries old Hungarian kingdom, since Hungary (or Austria-Hungary in a wider sence) was split into numerous countries according to the treaty in 1920. There are many a people who share nationalistic or patriotic feelings about the paradigm. You will find many a discussions all around. This treatment of the question comes from a Hungarian-French.
Hungarian historical resources
Probably the most comprehensive link site for Hungarian history
Hungarian history : Corvinus Library
A collection of online texts pertaining to Hungarian history
Hungarian Electronic Library : History
This is the area for Hungarian history in the official Hungarian Electronic Library