Emigrants from Hungary to the USA 1899-1913 in county break-down

We have data on the number of emigrants from each counties and major towns of Hungary between 1899-1913. (See the source below.) There are two series of figures. The first one shows the number of emigrants matched against 10,000 inhabitants. The other series shows the ratio between the number of emigrants and the natural increase of population.

To make the available data more obvious I projected them onto maps. The base map of Hungarian counties of 1876 were taken from the Historical Archive at Mississippi State University. I had to work on it a bit to prepare it for my purposes. Finally it came out to be a clickable imagemap with all the counties.

Maps are in the upper left corner. Figures are put into table in the upper right corner. Explained abbreviations and notes are found in the lower left frame, and the lower right section gives you the device to return to this page.

Some technical questions. Different corners are arranged into different frames. I do hope your browser supports frames. Imagemaps used here are client-side imagemaps. Netscape 2.0+ can handle them. There is some javascript that displays county names in the status bar. Should your browser not understand javascript, you can do without them.

Here are the results:

The source of data:
A magyar szent korona országainak kivándorlása és visszavándorlása 1899-1913. - Budapest : Magyar Királyi Központi Statisztikai Hivatal, 1918. (Magyar statisztikai közlemények ; 67.) p. 53. [Emigration and remigration from the countries of the Holy Hungarian Crown 1899-1913. - Budapest : Hungarian Royal Central Statistical Office, 1918. - (Hungarian statistical publications ; vol. 67) p. 53.]

Prepared by Radix. March 12, 1998