Hungarian place locator

The database of this place locator contains the placenames of Republic of Hungary for 1995. Names of 3125 towns and villages are included. Data are taken from the official Hungarian gazetteer of 1995. Entries provide placenames, status and county affiliations.

What is not in this version of the place locator?

  • there are not earlier versions of place names, i.e. database mirrors the situation for 1995
  • places beyond Hungary's modern borders are not included. This means that settlements in the regions that went to successor states of the old Hungarian Kingdom (other than Hungary itself) in 1920 will not be found.
What about future prospects? I plan to enter name changes in today's Hungary's territory from 1900-1995.
To encorporate pre-1920 places would need much more efforts. There could be 20000+ records or so.

Type your query in. Please strip off Hungarian accents. The engine will find your search string wherever it is in the place name. Search is case-sensitive.

  • zentgyorgy - will return all place names with "zentgyörgy" in them
  • Zala - will return all place names beginning with "Zala". Note: the first letter is written in capital.
  • Buda - will return Budaörs, Budajenô, but not Óbudavár
Developed by János Bogárdi / Radix. June 1998.