Hungarian civil registration extracts

In Hungary civil registration of births, marriages and deaths started in 1895. The originals of these registers are kept by the offices of local governments at the settlements (anyakönyvi hivatal = register office). The register offices send copy series of these volumes to the county archives, or, in Budapest's case, to the municipial archives. Knowing the exact location and time of one of those three lifetime events, one can request photocopies from the archives. Keep in mind the personality law in Hungary though. This law prohibits archives from providing access to birth registers after 1908 (1998-90 years), marriage registers after 1938 (1998-60), death registers after 1968 (1998-90). If you need a record after these time borders, you have to request them at the consulates of the Republic of Hungary, worldwide. As I understand extracts cost 25 USD / piece. An other option is to give a commission to somebody on-site to request the extract. In this case you have to provide him with an authorization, written in Hungarian, that he/she can show to the registrar at the office. The registrar will issue the extract for a fee stamp of 1000 Hungarian Forints (1998), which is approx. 5 USD (1998).

To get an idea, what these extracts show, I have put here scans of all types: birth, marriage and death extracts. Personal information is wiped out.