Free hungarian genealogy lookups

As I librarian, I have access to a couple of resources at my institution. We have several books that can be utilized for genealogical purposes. Here are some examples that I can take for free lookups:

Please note While I enjoy doing these lookups very much, since I learn a lot from them, it is not always easy to find the time. Demand is high (at least when trying to fit them into the 24 hours of my day . No, no, no, I do not want to discourage you, please keep sending your questions. I do respond to all requests. To do so, I decided to limit the time to 1 hour / lookup assignment / month. Thank you.

  • I can not find this or that location on any maps! Can you help me? - Yes, I hope I can. We have gazetteers both for today's Hungary and old Hungary, including Slovakia, Croatia, parts of the Ukraine, Romania, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Austria.
  • I can not find the parish for that village. Help! - Ok. The above mentioned gazetteers give details about parishes. However, the oldest ones are from the second half of the 19th century. If one would like to be certain, better he consult the so called "schematismus". These are prepared and published by dioceses. Most of them are available in the library.
  • I do not know what dates the parish register covers. Could you specify? - Sure! I have a database showing dates for the church registers in today's Hungary.
  • Are there any descendants of a certain family? - Well, this might take some time to figure out, and thus I would quote for it. What I can do for free is a lookup in the CD-ROM telephone directory of Hungary. Please, keep in mind the common-name problem. And perhaps, you can help yourself a bit: the Hungarian telephone directory is available on the web since 1998. See the link section > online names in my link collection for the URL. You can run basic inqueries in the online directory. The CD-ROM version has features enabling more sophisticated research.
  • Can you give me addresses of some specific parishes? - This could be done either with a lookup in the CD-ROM telephone directory or with a lookup in the schematismus.
  • I have a copy of a document in Hungarian. I cannot translate some of its words. Will you help me please? - Yes, provided, you need the translation of a text shorter than say half page (A4).
Did I miss your idea of lookups? Let me know, and I tell you if I can help.