Radix - 1913 gazetteer of Hungary

The 1913 gazetteer of Hungary was the most complete gazetteer that had been published before World War 1 broke out and, following it, Austria-Hungary was dissolved.

Here are the bibliographical data:
A Magyar Szent Korona országainak helységnévtára, 1913 / ... szerkeszti és kiadja a Magyar Királyi Statisztikai Hivatal. - Budapest : Magyar Királyi Statisztikai Hivatal, 1913. - 1712 p., [1] t. [English translation of the title: The gazetteer of the countries of the Holy Hungarian Crown, 1913 / ed. and publ. by the Hungarian Royal Statistical Office. - Budapest : Hungarian Royal Statistical Office, 1913. - 1712 p., [1] t.]

The gazetteer has two main sections. Section one is a mere listing of settlements with their numbers of residents. This section contains places county by county, and within counties district by district.

Section two is an alphabetical directory of settlements with more detailed information about their sizes and ethnicities, administrative and transport details.

This database at Radix contains settlement names, their administrative affiliations in 1913 and current countries. Data were taken from section one of the gazetteer. Counties that belonged to Croatia are not included in data.

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