I can take general genealogical research within today's Hungary, inclusive:
  • research in archives, libraries located in all over Hungary,
  • paleographical work, deciphering old manuscripts,
  • translations of texts from Hungarian, German, Latin,
  • carrying out field studies, visiting places, taking photos, videos
  • finding living relatives, contacting, visiting and interviewing (audio or video) them,
  • finding and purchasing relevant books (local histories, family histories, handbooks, maps) for clients from Hungarian book stores, either in-print or out-of-print ones.

Presentation of results

As usual, I provide the results of my findings in the form of:
  • family trees, accompanied by:
  • descriptive texts,
  • background materials,
  • maps in original or copy,
  • local histories,
  • photos,
  • audio or video materials,
  • authenticated extracts from registers,
  • photocopies of other documents (book sections, newspaper articles, documents from archives)
  • full, detailed report on the activities I have done, in an hourly breakdown,
  • full bibliographic description of the archival or library material I have contacted.
This list is subject to the client's needs. Should he/she need something different, his/her comments are welcome.

Quoting policy

Besides the free lookups and free assessments I quote modest fee for my services. The first set of fees are designed by me, the second set was compiled according to the standard prices in Hungary.