Fees 1. Fees set by Radix

I believe the prices under prove to be reasonable.
Service name Description Fees
Research in archives, libraries, writing results, reports 12 USD / hour
Translations minor translations are included in research fee. Translations longer than one page of standard text are quoted here 12 USD / page
Travelling time travelling time is kind of inproductive from the view of the client, still, it should be taken into account. So, instead of quoting it as a research hour, it has a reduced fee of 6 USD / hour
Mileage most of researches need travel to archives, libraries and other localities. The most typical travel is to Budapest, the capitol of Hungary, with the largest stock of archiv and library material 0.10 USD / mile

Typical research is done in Budapest. A one-day research of this type would cost 114 USD + report writing and discussion time (approx. 2 hours, 24 USD) (114 USD: 30 USD mileage, 2x3 hours of travelling = 36 USD, 4 hours of research = 48 USD). Since there might more than one clients per trip, travelling costs might be shared.

There are cases when less travel is needed, maybe even no travel would be involved. My town has its county archives.

Please add other fees to these ones if you would like to receive photocopies and other materials, which happens almost every case. You find details about them by clicking here.