About Radix

Radix is me, János Bogárdi. I was born in 1970. Having finished my university education with a masters degree in history at Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, Hungary (1994), I became affiliated with the library of this university. My primary responsibility is cataloging. I take part in managing the special collections, too, and I maintain the library's website.

I do professional genealogical research on a part-time basis.

During my university years my focus of research has been on the social history of western Hungary (Transdanubia) in the 16-17th centuries. I wrote my masters thesis on this topic, too. To produce a good paper I had to examine thousands of pages (more than 10000, maybe 20000+) of various genres. The majority of them were original archival materials. I became familiar with paleography, Latin and German languages. For an other project I transcribed cca. 2000 pages of German handwritten material from the end of the 17th century. As time allows, I would like to advance my research, since it was proposed to be developed to a PhD thesis by its lectors. Radix